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06-03-2010, 12:02 AM
Need help finding info on swingarm starting angles. Steve smith book says initial 5* up,doesnt say level the radius rods more on left or what to do.the car is home built off of Steve S. blue prints so there is not a mfg to call.It has 20" s.a with 5" coilovers on them,radius rods are 27",pull bar is 36"heim to heim.Currently s.a are 15*up and radius arms are 10*toward rear.it has multiple holes on the rear to move the s.a and rad. rods,although the s.a upwaqrd angle may be near max.the pullbar is spring type.we have never ran this car,trying to finish up,but dont know where to start. 1/4 mi. track slicks off by feature,low banks.Maybe a couple 400 lb. springs,pullbar to the left,and what s.a.-rad.rod angles?