View Full Version : longacre oil pressure switch??

06-21-2010, 10:17 PM
can someone please tell me how to wire up this switch...after losing a motor the first night out i have decided to install an oil pressure cutoff switch..

purchased a longacre two wire switch and there is no instructions on how to wire it...running a hei style distributor with msd box..not sure which wires to tap into

thanks in advance for any help

06-21-2010, 11:02 PM
i think this switch is designed to be used as an electric fuel pump cut-off as opposed to an ignition cut-off? about your only option is to wire it inline of your small red wire into your msd, the same circuit as your ignition switch. i would definitely avoid putting it inline of the ground wire. i don't think the small red wire would have variable amperage and i don't see why it would give you any trouble but you might want to wire in an emergency bypass switch just in case it would fail?? (fail as in: your motor shuts off when you don't want it to).

keep in mind that your engine will not fire until you have whatever oil pressure (12psi?) so it might take some getting use to. that may not be a bad thing though, helps bearing life. if your oil pump is a little lazy, all the more reason to have a bypass switch though.