View Full Version : 05 rocket ?

06-22-2010, 10:13 PM
Our 05 Rocket has the option for the underslung on the LR. When should this be put on the car Slick? Banking, Flat, Is there any advantage to useing this? car is 2 inch black front.
550 lf
350 rf
200 lr
145 split
any help

06-22-2010, 11:02 PM
i use it when the track is really tacky to limit the rear travel since I got a good motor i have broke the limiting chain, stripped the bolt hole out in the bird cage the chain was bolted to, bent the tube where the chain was at and ruined 2 shocks so now I started using the bolt on underslung piece no problems the last 2 weeks

07-06-2010, 10:29 PM
your going to have to either take some angle out of the j bar or run the left upper bar lower to help tame it down a little

07-11-2010, 02:52 AM
try moving your shock drop on the birdcage,this will change the drop and hike also josh richards told us a rr bar change to make but i cant remember,like raising it but i cant be sure,it was for when you are toting the lf though.?..call steve baker at rocket and he can tell you..we usually just moved our shock drop on the dummy and behind, especially at tracks like knoxville and wvms when it was wet,then move it back if it gets real slick..best of luck..windy..