View Full Version : I need 07 Mastersbilt help

07-13-2010, 09:16 PM
Hello I have a 07 Mastersbilt 1 3/4 round tube car. I just swapped out the RF Lower Control which is 17 5/8 and put the 18 5/8 on there to help tighten the car up coming out of the corner on a dry /slick track (Hagerstown Speedway 1/2 mile, long corners semi high banking). Anyway I was wondering what size upper control arm is every one using with the 18 5/8 RF Lower? And what should the caster and camber settings for that track. I had the LF and RF set as Mastersbilt setup sheet calls for before I changed the RF lower. Any help will be a really biggn help to me . Thanks Chad

07-13-2010, 09:44 PM
i think you're going the right direction here. 8.25" (outside of frame) upper on the rf with 18 5/8 lower. RF camber at least -4.5 to -5, you will experience less camber gain with the longer RF. i'd get as much camber as you can on the LF. i'd even consider giving it more caster too like say LF 2.5 / RF 5 for hagerstown. been a while since i've been to htown with a mb, hope i'm not steering you wrong (no pun intended).