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  1. Hello, this is gonna sound a little off the wall and out of no where, but I saw on your profile that you're from Port St Lucie/Sardinia, OH. I was born and raised in Wheelersburg, OH (actually raced karts in Sardinia a couple of times) now living in Mooresville, NC working in the racing industry. My wife was born and raised in Port St Lucie, and we're currently in the middle of trying to relocate to that area. I guess my question to you is... Does racing even exsist in that area? I've visited there several times over the last few years, and I've seen nothing! Growing up in Southern OH, and then moving to the Charlotte area, I've been surrounded by racing my entire life, so moving to an area where it seems racing is non-exsistant makes me wonder! Again, not trying to tell you my life story, just wanna get a feel for the racing environment in that area. Any info/help would certainly be appreciated.
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