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  1. I was wondering if you could help me with some advice we have a new gen x and are having some trouble here is the setup we are running. LF 500 RF 375 LR 200 RR 225 For the feature the rods are LRT 3rd hole down LRB 3rd hole up RRT 2nd hole down ans RRB 2nd hole up with short rod. Panhard bar std. height on frame and halfway between pinion center and bottom. Shocks are LF 6/5 RF 3/20 LR 10/3 no front shock and RF 3/6.5 65 lb of bite. The car is good on early entry but on late entry the RR quits holding the car so thru the middle it tends to wash the RR which delays corner exit but once it rehooks the car is good on exit but could use more there too. The track gets slick but still carries a pretty fast pace. Any suggestions would be appricated. Thank you very much.
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