Thinking about getting started in collecting gems. Any tips?

  1. gwyn
    Hey everyone I've been thinking about getting into gems. I first started getting interested when I knew I wanted to invest in some precious metals. I then started looking at if investing in some precious gems would also be worth it. After looking for hours at gem websites I found myself not being able to take my eyes away.
  2. Rappar
    I would recommend joining the Facet Rough Facebook groups and keeping an eye out for good deals, you can also check out interesting Gemstone here. The community does a pretty good job of self-policing, so you'll notice that some dealers are popular with experts, and so it's safer to buy from them. I also like to follow a lot of cutters on instagram and pay attention to where they get their diamonds.There are certain stones that are ""hot"" right now because the raw materials are interesting and scarce.
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