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    is the air cleaner or something else hitting the...

    is the air cleaner or something else hitting the throttle linkage or a vac tube?
  2. oil for road race in a dohc 2.3

    I am in the process of putting together a ford 2.3 with a volvo b234f head, dual cams. anyone have any idea what weight oil should be used? the dual cams have no bearing like the ford head does, not...
  3. looking for used/damaged sprint axles

    I am looking for a couple sprint rear axle shafts, can be bent I only want them for the ends. also looking for some matching splined hubs that don't have to be pretty, just a dumb experiment. pls...
  4. wtb ford 2300 aluminum valve cover

    looking for a beat up cheap used one, it can be dented and/or cracked. pm me with a price please if you have one sitting around
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    what do you mean by race pan? txt me 715 826 0199

    what do you mean by race pan? txt me 715 826 0199
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    Fuel consumption

    Has anyone on here ever calculated about how many gallons or pounds per hour a 2.3 ford is consuming ehile racing?
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    wtb wc t5

    anyone have an old wc t5 kicking around they dont know what to do with? please email if you would like to sell one
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    fuel pickup question

    i have a mercedes c230 that i use as a lemons car. we use the factory fuel tank which has a double sump to accommodate the drive shaft. the car is powered by a 2.3for and id really like to keep the...
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    wtb safty gear

    looking for used fire suit, shoes and gloves. getting the old crew back together for 24 hours of lemmons and need some of this stuff cheap if we can get it. suit must be 3 layer and not ripped up....
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