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  1. Trevor Bayne looking to get back into racing ... on dirt

    The former Daytona 500 winner could be racing on dirt as soon as this year
  2. Jesse Lowe relishing success in new CVR Race Car

    Jesse Lowe's good season turned great when he took delivery of a new car
  3. Skip was running a Brucebilt Rocket

    Skip was running a Brucebilt Rocket
  4. Erb vs Pierce actions went way too far

    People who were not part of the initial dispute were placed in danger by the Erb vs Pierce showdown
  5. Matt Craig Now Among the Top Stars in Short Track Racing

    Craig is a quickly rising start in American short track racing
  6. Skip Arp earns Late Model triumph at Smoky Mountain

    Skip Arp took the checkered flag at SMS
  7. Dale McDowell takes thrilling Iron-Man feature at Smoky Mtn

    McDowell emerged from a fierce battle to take the win
  8. Live Updates: Iron-Man Late Model at Smoky Mtn(8-8-20)

    Keep up with the Iron-Man action from SMS
  9. Randy Weaver scores popular American Crate win in Crossville

    Randy Weaver his in his hometown
  10. Sammy Smith developing talent with Kyle Busch Motorsports guidance

    The young and talented driver is developing under the watchful eye of a NASCAR champion
  11. Jimmy Owens dominates WoO Late Models at Beaver Dam

    Owens took the lead after a bobble by Cade Dillard then went unchallenged
  12. So you think you want to be a race promoter?

    My sons and I took on the job of picking up trash at Smoky Mountain Speedway and gained a whole new respect for those who...
  13. Matt Craig sails to CARS Tour SLM win at Hickory

    Craig led most of the way for a $10,000 win
  14. Owens, Sheppard take Friday feature wins at Kokomo

    Jimmy Owens and Brandon Sheppard showed why they have been ranked among the top Dirt Late Model racers all season
  15. Jake Knowles looking for fortunes to turn following SoNats

    Knowles had a great 2019 in the Southern Nationals but this year's version did not go as well.
  16. CARS Tour event at Hickory will look a bit different in 2020

    This year's CARS Tour race at Hickory will not feature the throwback schemes
  17. CARS Tour event at Hickory will look a bit different in 2020

    This year's CARS Tour race at Hickory will not feature the throwback schemes
  18. Brandon Sheppard claws past Dillard and Owens for WoO win in Davenport

    Sheppard secured the lead with two laps remaining
  19. Are dominant drivers good for a racing series?

    Is it good for a series to have a driver, or a couple of drivers, who seemingly win everything?
  20. Brandon Sheppard nabs Silver Dollar Nats payout at I-80

    Sheppard waited until late to make his move
  21. Dakotah Knuckles sails to SoNats victory at Tazewell

    Knuckles was able to avoid the pitfalls that struck others
  22. Chris Madden stakes claim to SoNats checkered flag at 411

    Madden's mid-race pass proved to be the winning move
  23. Live Updates: Southern Nationals at 411(7-24-20)

    Follow along with all the Southern Nationals action from 411
  24. Brandon Overton adds another SoNats victory in Crossville

    Overton gets his sixth win of 2020 in SoNats competition
  25. Live Updates: Southern Nationals at Crossville(7-23-20)

    Will it be another Overton vs Madden show or will another driver take the checkered flag?
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