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    Refreshing kaz…….
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    It was a perfect storm……and now DC ( and the rest of us)needs political fema relief.

    Think everything you said was on point…..I also think the media butthurt and the pelosiopaths that infest that...
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    I’m in for some peeps……
  4. If that were the case, Trump would still be...

    If that were the case, Trump would still be prez…’s all about the winning at all cost and saying and doing anything to get elected.

    Joe like the kid that finally got that new bike for...
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    That’s about all he could say……..well played.

    I hate to say it, but this is what they voted for and they all knew this would be coming. I think the woke folk are about to realize that after you...
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    Nobody wonders why TS…..they just look the other way.

    You know why they eat up the media so much? Because they sit home all day and watch it while the rest of us are working.
  7. I like Don, his delivery was hard to take for...

    I like Don, his delivery was hard to take for people that were “asleep” most of their lives…..His impact was good for the country and it totally exposed this version of the Democrat party for the...
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    Kaz….it was good for America.

    Remembered when we all used to care about that?
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    Woke, lmao…..they can go back to sleep now and let the adults talk.

    Not sure this fits in this thread or this post, but a I heard a new descriptive term for the lib dems behavior …..they are...
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    Just remember….they will say and do anything to get their way.

    The people of Virginia punched that bully in the mouth
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    Empty suit….empty pant suit…..same difference.
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    It’s exactly what they do……gripe about the Republicans yet do exactly the same things they gripe about.

    And then they think nobody remembers.

    Umm, Virginia remembered……
  13. Because they cheat and do ANYTHING to get their...

    Because they cheat and do ANYTHING to get their way , they think everyone does……’s pretty normal with sociopaths.

    This won’t be the first time the people speak ….wait until the mid terms.
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