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Thread: Tim Richmond

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    Quote Originally Posted by HighMaintenance2007 View Post
    And Jan 1st was 1979...& still winter where I live...

    THE POINT is...

    the last 12 years he was a very sick man ...he use dto be a big man...

    stongest handshake I have ever had...

    the photos of him coming out of the car at Darlington signaled the begining

    of the end of him being competitive...

    that & the 81 Dodge Magnum...what a rocketship those were..

    Time & circumstance my friend....

    Lots of girls got into the Church round Charlotte after Tim`s passing....

    Some still give thanks..

    copy and paste them to death

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffro15 View Post

    Please tell a few short tales of Tim!! I know ya were around him...

    " Stagger ???...Check my stagger??...I check MY stagger Every Morning ! "...

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    Default Tim Richmond, one of the greats...

    Quote Originally Posted by Slideways View Post
    Tim Richmond was one of the best driving talents to ever come into nascar.

    The way nascar handled the situation concerning his illness, was wrong.
    Not to take sides or defend NASCAR, because I can't stand them, but it was the 80's. AIDS was the new epidemic and nobody knew exactly what to do with it at that time, I personally don't think the media or the government is handling it right now, but thats another story. As far as Tim changing the stats on Petty, the only thing he may have altered was the total wins, but not championships. He may have caused Dale to win a few less and No I don't think RCR had NASCAR in their pocket back then. Tim was an outstanding talent and I miss him and often ponder the, "what might have been's" the same way I think of Duayne Hommel. In Tim's case as well as some others I look at it as a reminder of how important all the choices we make in life can and do effect our future... Oh yeah, I'm 40 and I remember watching him race very well.
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    Default Stagger....

    Quote Originally Posted by HighMaintenance2007 View Post

    " Stagger ???...Check my stagger??...I check MY stagger Every Morning ! "...

    Not smart enough to know what ya mean !!! Explain , after all I am in Ky. lol..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweethardt View Post
    OMG! Thanks for the info Jeffro! I will put this on my calendar.

    I sure miss him! I don't think Earnhardt or Petty would have the number of championships they have had he lived on.
    I agree Dale wouldn't of hit 7 titles however Petty's last title was in 1979 2 years before Tim drove Cup cars
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    It will be interesting to see how Nascar/espn will handle his story. He certainly had away with the ladies, saw him at Martinsville in the old milwalkee car and he must have had 200 women following him after the race. It was a mob. He was not as responsible as he should have been even after he was diagnossed with aids. I agree it was adifferent time and all parties envolved wasn't sure how to deal with his sickness. I have a clock made from one of the Winston posters where he exposed himself behind Neil Bonnets ear, the Cole Trickle character on days of thunder was based on his example, He raced hard and lived even harder and it caught up with him. He reminded me of a modern day Curtis Turner. Such a loss, he was one of the best drivers though and would have won his share.


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