39 - 40 Ford Coupe Stock Car I do not have any history on the car and do not know if it was finished or ever raced. Has working and latching doors. Has a ton ford (floater) rear axle with parallel rear leaf springs. Has stock front suspension and wide 5 hubs (split wishbones).
Has most of original floors in drivers compartment. Roll cage has been started back in the day but never finished. Has cut firewall and boiler plate replacement firewall. Beer keg fuel cell and short track bumpers front and back. The wheels and tires on the car are not included. It will have stock steel wheels and tires to make the car movable. I do not have a title for it. The car can be delivered for $1.80 per mile.Car can be delivered to Hershey Car Show - Fall Swap Meet at No charge. Email jtm64@comcast.net and if you have any questions please call 717-645-0440