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    Will a Winters quick change spool work in a tiger rear end?

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    Good question. The exploded views of the two rears on the respective websites look IDENTICAL. But the bearing diameter on the two spools is different and the spools are different. But with the proper bearing, I don't know if you could get it to work. Considering the importance of preload on the side bell bearings which sit on the spool, I'd say you might be trying to over-engineer. I wouldn't want to be the first to try something like this but if somebody else claims to have made it work, it might be worth trying. I'm also not sure about the bolt patter between the spools for the pinion.
    Surely somebody on here knows more about the differences between the two. We have only used Winters.

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    I believe the spools are the same, I am currently putting my tiger back together and ordered winters bearings and everything measures the same.

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    They will interchange. I believe what your referring to is the 2.000 vs. the 2.031 bearing journals on the spools themselves. winters aluminum spools are 2.031 and their steel q.c. spools are 2.000. I have a tiger or frankland spool that is aluminum but has 2.000 journals so i just got the winters steel spool bearings for it. Regardless of which spool bearing I.D. you use the bearing race that gets installed into the end bells is the same.

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    Thanks for the replies I will let you know how it works out.


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