How much faster can you go with less rotating weight in your rear end? Can you afford to let your competition beat you with this advantage?

Performance Engineering & Manufacturing, LLC now offers the absolute lightest ring and pinions on the market for the 9 inch Ford rear ends. These ring and pinions can save 3 pounds over a 5.67 conventional ring and pinion.

o Available in 8620 for circle track & high performance
o Less rotating weight means faster acceleration
o Manufactured in the U.S.A. from highest quality alloy steel
o These ring gears require a special offset alloy steel spool
o REM finishing available for less heat and friction
o Quantity Pricing Available for Builders & Dealers

. Ratios available in 8620 gears for circle track and high performance are 4.11, 4.30, 4.57, 4.63, 4.71, 4.86, 5.00, 5.14, 5.29, 5.43, 5.67, 5.83, 6.00, 6.20, 6.33 and 6.50 ratios $280.00 Jobber price.

. Special offset alloy steel spools in 28 & 31 spline for 9 inch Ford $178.00 Jobber price.

Assembled center section CSFSXLW jobber $ 729.00