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    Default Looking for ideas on rear ramp door

    I have an enclosed trailer that currently has swing doors on rear. I want to build a ramp door to replace it as my ramp idea doesn't work real well. The trailer sits higher than some so I'm looking to lower it first, but I'm looking for help on rear door. Anyone done this or tell me what to look out for in the build? What type of hinge(s) work best? Cable and pulley system, etc?

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    my rear door of my trailer is made from 2x2 square tubing. It has 1" square tubing braces in the inside. 3/4" plywood is layed into the 2x2 frame and sits flush to the edge of the frame. The outside of the door has aluminum. The hinges are made from 1/4" steel plate 4" long or so and has a section of round bar stock with a 1/2" hole welded on the edge of it. You make six of these pieces and then get a 1/2" bolt and use that as a pin between two of the made up pieces. Cut the hex off of it and tack it in place. Then space the three hinges on the edge of the door spaced out equally and weld each one to the trailer and the door.

    I use a small winched mounted to the ceiling of the trailer to lift and lower the door. The door weights a ton but I guarantee you wont have any isses with a flimys door like other trailers i've seen. If you want to PM me your email address I can snap some pics of me setup and send them to you.

    I have these on the back side of the door to protect it when its on the ground. P/N 91685T13

    I used something like this to attach the winch line to the door decking.

    I used something like this for the door lock on the back

    Hope this helps.

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    You could probably get a spring from an overhead door place .They look similar to the ones on garage doors. My advice would just be to look at someones trailer & do the closest you can.But I would try them,or ask if they may have a used one that they have replaced that they would make you a deal on.

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    The spring assy. is avaliable at any truck repair center. (semi truck) One x two x .083 wall will do for the frame and supports. 3/4 plywood on inside and .040 body ty aluminum for outside. For the hinge I used four inch long pieces of 3/4 pipe with every other piece welded to trailer. then every other other piece welded to door. I ran soli pieces of round stock welded on one end to complete hinge. you could dovetail the trailer if you wish. You would have to make door approx. 4 inches taller when done though. I just did this to a trailer for a customer about two years ago. It was really easy.


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