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    Default Gear for Street Stock

    Quick question for you all... I'm running a Modified Street stock on big 3/8 to 1/2 mile tracks. In order to run a local track after moving, i had to drop the carb from a 4 barrel to a stock Holley 2 barrel 4412, and also have to run a 6 inch spoiler. I was running a 6.50 Ford 9 inch (non-floater), but here's my question:
    -All things being equal, should I throw more gear to it due to dropping the carb size, or should I use less gear so that the motor has time to reach max RPM at the end of the straightaway?. I have a 6.50, 6.00, and 5.87 that I could possibly use. Don't wanna give out SPECIFIC details on the engine, but i will say its over 550 in HP and 500 in TQ. Any replies are appreciated.

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    Default gear

    well i run a 1/2 mile a florence speedway, and i run a 583 and it never stops pullin, and i get about 5500 in the corners and 7200 on the straits, hope that helps it worked for me so i guess it would be your 587 you would use, good luck and good racing.


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