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    Default Shorter right rear 4 bar

    I,ve been seening cars with bolt in brackets on the lower 4 bar on the right side, I guess my question is what is the shorter bar doing?

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    Default RR bar

    I am assuming you are seeing it on a MasterSbilt. They have a different 4 link bracket on the
    Gen X cars. They bolt on a shortner bracket on the bottom bar to make it a 15" bar, which is a standard bar length on there Smack car. If I am remembering correctly.
    I think there should be lifeguards in the genepool.

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    A shorter RR lower bar will speed up indexing of the birdcage and tighten entry.

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    Standard lengths for a Smack car are 15.5 bottom and 17.5 top. GenX is longer in the brackets welded to the frame.


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