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    Default ride height on front of a metric car

    went from tubular lowers to stock nova lowers, wondering what a good ride height would be to start at?
    b-mod 3-link 355
    planning on starting with a 800rf 700lf
    any help appreciated

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    I'm going to say the same ride hights. I've never seen tube metric lowers. Just seen the tube nova lowers that ya put on metric stubs.

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    Depends on tires and front end geometry, but with IMCA G-60s I run mine around 5.75" on the front from the bottom of the frame rail behind the tires to the ground.

    Also, you might be a little stiff on the springs. I run 550-650 range in the fronts of my metric sport mod. I try to run as soft as I can get away with in the RF because it steers the best (you'll lose some forward drive though), then adjust my corner entry with the LF. But again, depending on engine height and roll center locations, you may need that much spring.

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    when i ran nova lowers on my car i went as low as 550 on rf , all depends on how your track is banked some cars like a little more some cars like a little less

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    far as ride hieghts , 5.75 LF 6.5 RF


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