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Thread: BBC vs SBC

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    454 destroked to a 427 with all aluminum heads and intake weighs in at what a all steel sbc does. So my question is would it work in a ump modified? I know that the rotating weight is a little higher but the tq and hp numbers are at or above what can be made from an sbc and can be built cheaper and all the ct stuff (headers, oil pan and valve covers) is already available. This would be used on 3/8 and larger tracks with an occasional 1/4 mile thrown in. What are your opinions on this? Could it work or not?

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    Are you sure that an aluminum head/iron block BBC is the same as an iron SBC? The rotating weight is a huge difference! the crank alone is 65-70 lbs vs. 40-45 lbs. Unless the rules stipulate a BBC like the Supers at Oswego or the ISMA Supers, you don't see them much...Wonder why?? LOL Think about it


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