Hello, forum members; my name is Stuart Smith originally from New Zealand. I have about 40 years in professional motorsports, having prepared winning cars for most major series in the world, including serious motor R&D.

Today I want to inform you of a most valuable addition to your engine builder’s toolbox and that is David Vizards new book how to Port and Flow Test cylinder heads. (P&FT)
Rarely you will buy a book with not only valuable information on nearly every page also diagrams of data with explanations of how the test works. This book is all about how to P&FT cylinder heads, loaded with help for people wishing to expand their knowledge about airflow management. Not often you find valuable information on nearly every page of a book related to engine performance, this book about porting, and flowing testing cylinder heads, is loaded with help for everyone wanting to learn both basic and advance techniques working with aluminum and iron cylinder heads. This book will answer lots of questions for many that have not figured all that happens in a cylinder head.

I do not believe I have seen a book with so much valuable information on one issue. This book will truly advance the ability of everyone wishing to learn more on shapes, correct air speed, and optimizing cylinder head flow.