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    I was thinking about all the tracks I have been to and how they are all upgrading their safety features both for fans and drivers. What is your local track and how they could improve on/have improved on making things safer.

    Mine is Florence Speedway and I think they need to update that 1950's catch fence and replace a few boards on the stands.

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    My home track is Florence Speedway too. Id like to see safety rails up the steps into the seating areas. I see a lot of older people who have problems climbing the steps who could use them. They do need to replace a few boards in the stands too.

    We saw a sprint car almost go over the catch fence at Lawrenceburg; I think it was last year. If it wasn't for the way the fence is there, the car would've went over the fence into the midway area where the concession stand and restrooms are. Florence could possibly use an upgrade of their fences.

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    Depends on where I'm at.

    Brownstown isn't bad, but the catchfence is a bit shaky, and many fans on the fontstretch sit very close to the actual track.

    I need to go to Southern Ohio before I can comment, but PRP has a very good catchfence, that stands at least 12' high. Now if they'd only move those uke tires out and put a little more banking on the top 1/3 of the turns...
    We'll miss ya Doc Watson...


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