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    Default Auto trans

    Has anyone tried running an automatic behind the ford 2.3 in a mini stock?
    Just curious since there used in street stocks and modifieds quite a bit.....

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    A few have tried them around here. Lack of durability has been the biggest problem.Also loss of HP is a big negative.I havent looked up the numbers but I would expect to loose 20% engine power through the automatic.V8 engines can afford to loose some power 4cyl's. can't.

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    Default Fun to try a C3

    I wish I had more time to experiment.

    A C3 has REALLY light internal parts but probably is strong enough as it came behind some V6s.

    It would be fun to set one up with a direct drive hub(no torque converter)behind one of our 2.5's.

    I think any serious racing automatic behind a 4 cyl would need to be direct drive due to rotating weight and inefficiency of a converter.


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