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    8-10in off the ground w/ the LF sounds like too much drop. I would measure where the birdcage is at ride height. Then place jack under the car about where the drvrs legs are and jack it up until the LR just barely comes off the ground. Take measurement again should be between 4-5inches difference. If more i would get a chain to limit travel

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    I'm assuming by your tire roll out that you have a 26.5 on every corner except the RR. Why?

    You NEED stagger on the front.

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    i thinks he's close, I would take the 2" off the lf and have a 3" ther and raise the J-bar up both sides to free the mid turn.

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    Sounds like you like the car for the feature right? Do you have a RF brake shutoff? Use that in the heat race to get you to turn in the heat race and then put in back to 4-wheel and go win the feature.

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