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    Default 2014 Championship Winning Latemodel Roller For Sale

    We have a bunch of late model and modified rollers as well as parts for sale.

    3 rolling Wild Inc. chrome-alloy 4-link late models.

    2 rolling Wild Inc. chrome-alloy 4-link modifieds.

    We have carbon fiber drive shafts, starters, tires, tire groovers, K&N air filters, 16v batteries, scalloped rotors, and much more.

    All the rollers have won races in 2014 and all were well maintained.

    All the cars come as they rolled off the track; you won’t be getting swapped out junk.

    All rollers come with set-up notes and phone support from racers with over 25 years racing experience and over 10 years experience helping other racers get fast.

    If you are struggling to get to the front of the pack, we can help you out.

    One of our customers bought a used roller from us … rolled it out of our shop complete at 3:00 and by 9:00 won his first feature of his life. He had been racing and trying to win for over 23 years.

    We will not only set up the car initially with you; explaining how it works as we go along, but will give you a simplified plan of changes to make at the track to keep your car fast throughout the night.

    Here is the championship winning late model we have for sale.

    2013 WDLMA Spec Motor Chrome-alloy Wild Inc. Latemodel driven by Mitch McGrath $16,000
    This is the 2014 Plymouth, Manitowoc, and WDLMA championship car.
    • Wehrs Machine bearing birdcages to eliminate rear end bind
    • Winters top of the line 8" ring gear 4.11 low drag rear end with 6 rib side bells. (Retails at $2,400)
     Aluminum spool
     Magnesium center section
     Weight reduced EDM Ring and Pinion (Polished for low Drag)
     Thermal Dispersant Coating
     Heat Treated Lower Shaft
     Run all year with top of the line Joe Gibbs gear Lube
    • Wilwood Brake Components:
     NDP calipers
     Light Weight .810 rotors
     Pedals and Master Cylinders
    • BSB adjustable pan-hard bar
    • Wehrs Machine Climbing adjustable pinion pan-hard mount.
    • BSB climbing adjustable frame pan-hard mount.
    • Integra IDA Shocks adjustable enough to tune you in to any track condition.
    • Howe aluminum radiator
    • Wedged Fuel Cell with foam for gasoline for better weight control and a more consistent race car throughout the race.
    • Guages with Digital Memory Tach.
    • Completely wired just plug in your MSD and go.
    • Port City Bearing Upper control arms to remove any flex bind in front end
    • Chrome-alloy rod ends throughout the car.
    • Sweet 4.0 ratio Rack and pinion with center push slotted ends for smoother more consistent steering.
    • Woodward High flow de-aerating power steering reservoir.
    • High pressure power steering lines for improved steering consistency.
    • Custom made throttle pedal for better throttle control and smoother throttle application.
    • Howe low friction ball joints.
    • Collapsible steering shaft adds rigidity as well as safety for a smooth consistent steering feel.
    • Motor mid plate accepts Ford or Chevy motor with no modification.
    • Light weight Wilwood front hubs with Wilwood 8 bolt rear hubs to withstand even the most severe track conditions without failure.
    Comes with notes and set-up sheets to get you going (with addition phone support as needed)
    Car does not include Seat, Wheels or tires.


    • MSD ignition box, coil, coil clamp and coil wire $317
    • 16 volt battery $189
    • Oil tank, lines, Pump, and filter w/mount $2,500
    • Falcon bell housing, roller glide transmission and starter $2,133
    • Power Steering Pump $539
    • Carbon Fiber Driveshaft $500

    Car with above options $22,178

    Go to our website racing sales page to learn more about what we have to offer.
    Or …
    You can contact me directly at 262-510-6246 or by email at
    Kevin Katzenberg
    Wild Incorporated
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