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    Question Nova lowers on a chevelle stub?

    We picked up a older dirtworks. we were told it had updates (sidebiter?) to the front end, and that it had nova lowers. my problem is this, I have the arms off, and they are or look to be chevelle,does anyone know what centerlink/idler/pitman arms would be used on a chevelle stub with nova lowers? if they are the same then im fine, if not then I could use some measurments to help me figure out what is really on this car, and if I should be looking to get the nova arms back on or if I should go with the chevelle... what is the advantage of one over the other?

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    im sure they are chevelle lowers because I don't beleave nova lowers will fit on a chevelle frame

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    Yeah nova lowers won't fit chevelle clip.

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    Nova lowers will fit with a spacer at the frame mount and relocating the jackscrew nut (my car has a second jack screw nut installed). The Nova lower moves the spring outwards closer to the wheel, uses a softer # spring.

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    On a chevelle clip? I thought they only worked on the metric clips?

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    Here is 2 pics of a nova lower laying on a chevelle lower ( although tube arms , are factory specs ) . As you can see the nova will bolt into the chevelle , but the ball joint and spring perch is about 5" further forward on the nova arm . Totally different angle on the inner attachment points .
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