Wondering how to get more out of your racing program? Want to leave nothing on the table This Year with your MSDŽIgnition System . Could you use 28% more power output at the sparkplug? How about a faster response time from your current MSDŽIgnition system? Could you use 5 to 9 more HP from your current engine program? Then you need a MAXPWR 20 voltage regulator for your racing program. MAX-PWR20 provides a constant & clean power source for the racing ignition system. Allowing your engine program to crank out all the performance provided by the engine builder. So if you run just a battery by choice or by sanctioning body rules you need MAX-PWR20 in your program! MAX-PWR20 works with all the popular ignition systems including HEI! When you get a chance checkout the video of with MAXPWR20 vs. a 12 volt setup. More info can be found here on our website.www.techwestracing.com/page21.html When you’re ready for the next step in your racing program, you to can have a MAXPWR 20 Voltage Regulator custom built for $475.00. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.