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    Default Uncle Ted = common sense

    You gotta love a conservative, speaks his mind, hunter!

    Letís at least all agree that its incompatible to be a goose-stepping Nazi but then claim to love Jews.

    Itís obvious that you canít be a brainwashed lefty college punk at the University of California at Berkeley and claim to support free speech.

    Unless you are a total drugaddled hypocrite zombie, you canít condemn hunting but then eat turkey on Thanksgiving and BBQ on Independence Day.

    Itís incompatible to support Black Lives Matter but then never say a word about the black on black slaughter, parentless families, and school dropout rates in the inner city.

    Surely we can all agree that itís thunderously dumb to claim you want to fix America but then look to Fedzilla to do it.

    And letís all agree that to be muslim is to support Sharia Law, which is the Islamic legal code, and is virtually incompatible with the U.S. Constitution & American way of life.

    And while all Americans of goodwill support religious freedom, all Americans of goodwill should also agree that Sharia Law should be banned in the United States.

    Sharia Law is not just anti-American it is anti-humanity. It subverts the American rule of law and perverts American customs and values. In short, Americans donít support religious honor killings, female slavery & institutionalized savagery. Thatís Stone Age religious allahpuke voodoo.

    This is not to say that Muslim countries canít or shouldnít use whatever version of Sharia Law they want. Go wild over there in your stone age hell. But it must be banned in America. Who in the hell could possibly accept such evil?
    Turn LEFT, Vote RIGHT!

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    If I havent offended you please be patient Ill get to you as soon as I can

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    Default essential fatty acids

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    I've been a nugent (of his music)fan for years but he is a fool, a child molester, and a draft dodger.

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    Not a fool, not a child molester, but yes like Clinton he avoided the draft. Many famous people have, not that I approve.
    NASCAR and Dirt Motors Racin' expert!!!! Fighting the GOOD fight!!! Find the truth. It was Karl Marx who called for a ďheavy progressive or graduated income taxĒ system in order to redistribute the wealth and establish a socialist state. Check out The Blaze on Dish channel 212 or and for the truth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by racin6mod View Post
    i've been a nugent (of his music)fan for years but he is a fool, a child molester, and a draft dodger.
    can you please explain your statements and link us to proof ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clayton_Wetter View Post
    Not a fool, not a child molester, but yes like Clinton he avoided the draft. Many famous people have, not that I approve.
    Many have, including the current President.
    We'll miss ya Doc Watson...


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