How to give a second life to your house without breaking the bank ?I have never thought I could get tired of my house like I got tired of some of my clothes, especiallybecause I immediately fell in love with it when we first saw it. Ten years have passed since wepurchased it and my dream house doesn't look as attractive to me as it used to. The colors havefaded, we can notice some rusty corners here and there, but above all, my taste have changed, wecan all agree that people taste generally evolve throughout the years.The brick house that was once so appealing to my eyes seemed outdated today to my dearest regret.I was daydreaming about owning a wooden house.We thought about selling the house for a nanosecond, however, that seemed pretty dramatic andunnecessary. Besides, we love living in Brunswick, we love our neighborhood, our neighbors butmost of all our kids would have not liked this idea for a second.I was in need of an exterior makeover ( that also seemed to be the most reasonable option ). That iswhy I chose to hire a carpentry contractor in Melbourne who could provide carpenter services tosustain my carpenter needs and craving.If you are looking for the best carpenter for your carpentry or cladding work in Melbourne,especially the best carpenters of the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne, I did the dirty work for you,scrolling websites to websites and I can definitely say that I have found my precious. DC Carpentryand Cladding.The testimonials and the photos of their previous cladding, carpentry and building constructionprojects made me feel at ease so I decided to give them a call, Daniel, the Melbourne carpenter andalso the owner, came with his team of highly trained carpenters, they gave me a very detailed andconcise quote and was happy to answer any questions that I had.My worn out love for my house is now an ancient story and the bill came with no surprises.Daniel has over 15 years of experience executing carpentry contracts in Melbourne that gives himthe confidence and the experience to handle any project with expert hands. The Melbournecarpenter and his team always strive to maximize the value of your residential, commercial orindustrial property. Their customers satisfaction is their prime goal.I can now blindly recommend the carpentry firm in Melbourne, DC Carpentry and Cladding foryour carpentry and cladding renovation or if you seek property maintenance or carpentrymaintenance whether you need residential carpentry and cladding, commercial carpentry andcladding or industrial carpentry and cladding in Melbourne. DC Carpentry and Cladding is one callaway.I have used their services for the exterior of my home but they can handle any kind of project withthe same expertise and that encompasses custom projects such as carpentry framing and carpentrybench or carpentry woodworking, and carpentry and joinery, not to mention, designing and buildingdecks or alternatively, a pergola. DC Carpentry and Cladding can create the custom made pergolathat you envision.You can rest assured that you are in the right hands trusting them with any of these carpentry orcladding jobs.