New Richmond, WI (March 27, 2017): The FANSFund team is gearing up for the 10th Anniversary edition of the FANSFund with fundraising and voting set to kickoff on Saturday April 8, 2017. The FANSFund kickoff aligns with Cedar Lake Speedway’s April 7th and 8th opening weekend for the 2017 race season. Opening weekend traditionally provides great racing action and allows fans the opportunity to see firsthand the sharp looking new cars in each of the racing divisions. The FANSFund team will be at Cedar Lake Speedway Saturday night of the opener accepting donations, taking votes, and doing 50/50 so stop out to show your support and enjoy a great night dirt track action!

The 10th Anniversary edition of the FANSFund for 2017 will continue with much of what has made this such a popular event for fans, drivers and sponsors alike. In an effort to simplify the voting for our fans, there will be just 2 driver categories this year. We will continue with the “New Driver” category and have chosen to merge all other categories into the “At Large Driver” category. The “New Driver” category is intended for new drivers or drivers that have not attended the USA Nationals for at least the past 2 years. The “At Large Driver” category is intended for all other drivers, even those that have attended the USA Nationals the past 2 years, including past FANSFund drivers. The only exception is that WOO drivers that are in the top 12 in WOO points are not eligible for the FANSFund. These drivers receive financial support from WOO and it’s anticipated they would be coming to the USA Nationals as a WOO sanctioned event.

The primary goal of the FANSFund is to provide financial incentive to new drivers from outside our regional area to attend the USA Nationals that may not otherwise attend. With that goal in mind the emphasis is to reserve most of the invitations for drivers in the “New Driver” category. The actual number of drivers invited for each category is dependent on how much money the FANSFund is able to raise. A breakdown for the number of drivers intended to be invited in each category can be found on the FANSFund website by clicking the Dash Sample Purse link ( on the right side of the page. Our hopes are that exposing new drivers to this great event will provide an experience that they will never forget and that they will want to return to the USA Nationals for years to come.

For drivers to be included on the Drivers Interested List and to be eligible to receive votes for the FANSFund they need to apply by sending an email to and include: their name, email address, phone number they can be reached at, car number and hometown where they currently live. We have a number of new drivers that have already shown interest in participating in this year’s FANSFund events and we’ll be updating the Driver Interested List ( over the next couple of weeks and throughout the voting process as we confirm the drivers interested. If you know of drivers interested please share this information with them so they can apply.

The popular FANSFund Dash will return once again this year. Drivers that are voted into the FANSFund will once again race for their share of the money raised in a 10-12 lap Dash on Friday night of the USA Nationals.

A FANSFund Luncheon will be held for fans that donate at least $30, our sponsors, and the drivers voted in. The luncheon will be on Saturday August 5th at 12:30 PM in the Cedar Lake Arena. At the luncheon fans get a personal meet and greet with the drivers they voted in, a nice lunch, a t-shirt, and are eligible for other door prizes that are raffled off.

The FANSFund team strives to provide a quality experience for the Fans and Sponsors that support what we do and to ensure they feel they’re receiving great value for their financial support. We are always looking for sponsors so if you know of anyone that may be interested in supporting us at a sponsorship level please contact us at

Donations to the FANSFund can be made online at or by clicking on the Donate tab or link from the home page. Fans will receive 1 vote for every $5 donated. Fans are required to donate a minimum of $30 to be eligible for the FANSFund luncheon and to receive a FANSFund t-shirt; fans must be in attendance at the luncheon to receive a shirt as no shirts will be shipped. Donations and votes will be accepted starting April 8, 2017 with voting ending at midnight July 16, 2017. Donations will be accepted through August 4, 2017 but any donations received after July 16, 2017 will not be eligible for votes or a t-shirt.

Checkout the FANSFund website at for more information. There are a number of links throughout the website with more information about the event, including a FAQS Document (

The 30th running of the USA Nationals is slated for August 3, 2017 – August 5, 2017. Order your tickets now at “Wisconsin’s Fastest Piece of Real Estate.” Go online to order your tickets and/or campsite today at

Thank you for your support of the FANS Fund once again in 2017, we’re looking forward to another great year!

Tom Emerson, FANS Fund Coordinator