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    I've heard of people placing washers between the oil pump & pick up tube. Is there some "rule of thumb as to how much is needed for an increase in pressure? F-9

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    You want to restrict the flow?

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    just would be more comfortable with a little more pressure. Everything is new, but set up a little loose.

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    restricting the flow on the suction side is not going to give you more pressure. If the engine is new why is it loose?

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    I don't think you would want a washer between oil pump and pickup. However there is a spring inside the pump that a lot of people,including myself, use a washer to shim up and add more pressure. An 1/8th inch thick washer should do.

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    Definitely don't want washers between tube and pump,it will suck air...if you want more pressure,go with a Melling M127
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    I did put the washer at the spring inside the pump & seemed to help. thanks to all for your input!!! I still might look into the melling pump too.


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