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    Default Sportmod: Too much LR angle

    What can be the issues caused by having too much bar angle in the LR at full drop? We have a typical northern sportmod that gets in and through the center well as it is. Once it comes to exiting the corner on to the straight it has very minimal forward bite until about the flagstand. You can feel the rear tires grab at that time. I wasn't sure if that is something that is caused from possibly having too much bar angle or if it would just be a pullbar adjustment.

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    How much pull bar angle?

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    Too much bar angle on the left rear usually causes wheel hop on the left rear. Does the right front shock have a huge amount of rebound rate in it? And also, is the car really loose at the time when you have no forward drive? If you answered yes to both questions, i am thinking that the left rear is not loaded enough on exit, and that the car improves when the right front finally comes back up and reloads the left rear.


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