'm not gonna be able to go to the World 100 at Eldora this year so I got my tickets for sale. Every night you will have great frontstrech seats under the roof in the top rows. If you ever wanted to go to this race these are awesome seats that I keep every year.
Thursday 9/7
Section A Row a1 Seats 5&6 $28 ea.
These are patio seats with the backs on them.
Friday 9/8
Section A Row 1 Seats 1&2 $28 ea.
These are the top row Isle seats.
Saturday 9/9
Section AA Row 3 Seats 5,6,7 $44 ea.
These are 3 rows from the top and the reason I have 3 seats is because it gets a lil crowded on Saturday night and I wanted room to move around.

All I would like to do is get my money back (face value) for these which totals $244. If you are interested call or text 256.740.1823