Ponderosa Speedway
365 Phillips Lane
Junction City, KY 40440

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Marlar, Mahoney, Carrier, Jr., and Dohm Top Fall Classic Preliminaries at Ponderosa Speedway

Junction City, KY – October 13, 2017 – Ponderosa Speedway would present the opening night of racing competition for the track’s 27th Annual Fall Classic on Friday evening with a total of 113 race cars signed in for competition on the preliminary night of racing action.

The Schaeffer’s Oil Southern Nationals Bonus Series presented by Sunoco Race Fuel and Tennessee RV Super Center Super Late Models would see Mike Marlar win heat race one over Donald McIntosh, Todd Coffman, and Dale McDowell. Cody Mahoney would take the win in heat race two over Jared Hawkins, Michael Chilton, and Steve Francis. Heat race three would see Eddie Carrier, Jr. victorious over Tripp Gerrald, Tim Dohm, and Brandon Overton. Zack Dohm would score the victory in heat race four, ahead of Victor Lee, David Payne, and Adam Bowman.

The Brucebilt Performance Iron-Man Modified Series would see Shon Flanary capture the first heat race victory over J.T. Ayers and Josh Thomas, while Jimmy Payne would take the checkered flag first in heat race two over Jimmy Lennex and Mike Pratt.

In Pro (Crate) Late Model action, Connor Meade would pick up the win in heat race one over Eric Centers and Tim Tungate. Heat race two would see Jim Couch score the win over Gary Yeager and Jordan Horton. Heat three would be snagged by Todd Coffman over Wesley Brummett and Jeff Watson.

The track’s KDRA Super Stocks are sporting the convertible look by going topless this weekend for the Bobby Carrier, Sr. Memorial portion of the Fall Classic program and Robby Perkins would claim victory in heat race one over Bartley Grant and Tyler Collis. Heat race two would have James Crowe getting the win over Eddie Stewart and Gary Rahe, Jr.

In Stock Four Cylinders, a pair of heat race events would be contested and Tyler Hayes would win heat race one over Eddie Stewart and Mike Wallace. Heat race two would see Dylan Stevens victorious over Brandon Creech and Henry Lawson.

In Mini-Cup/Cyclones, Blake Brown would win the division’s heat race event over Jeremy Elliott, Dylan Rutherford, Jason Hinkle, and Jason Hinkle, Jr.

The 27th Annual Fall Classic will conclude on Saturday evening October 14 at Ponderosa Speedway with B-Mains in all divisions, followed by feature race contests, headlined by the 75 lap, $15,000 to win Fall Classic for the Schaeffer Oil Southern Nationals Bonus Series Super Late Models. The Brucebilt Performance Iron-Man Modified Series will race 40 laps for $2,000 to win. The track’s Pro (Crate) Late Model division will also race 40 laps for $2,000 to win and the KDRA Super Stocks will race 40 laps for $2,000 to win. Concluding the racing program will be the Stock Four Cylinders racing 25 laps for $1,200 to win and the Mini-Cup/Cyclones racing for $300 to win.

SUMMARY-Ponderosa Speedway-Junction City, KY-October 13, 2017

Schaeffer’s Oil Southern Nationals Bonus Series Super Late Models (34 entries)
Top Qualifier- Eddie Carrier, Jr. 12.752
1st Heat (top 4 transfer)- Mike Marlar, Donald McIntosh, Todd Coffman, Dale McDowell, Devin Gilpin, Greg Johnson, Steve Smith, Kenny Cobble, Daniel Dial
2nd Heat (top 4 transfer)- Cody Mahoney, Jared Hawkins, Michael Chilton, Steve Francis, Connor Meade, Brian Smith, Jeff Neubert, Kayne Hickman
3rd Heat (top 4 transfer)- Eddie Carrier, Jr., Tripp Gerrald, Tim Dohm, Brandon Overton, Vic Hill, Joey Standridge, Ernie Cordier, Skylar Marlar, Jason Jameson
4th Heat (top 4 transfer)- Zack Dohm, Victor Lee, David Payne, Adam Bowman, Justin Rattliff, Brandon Kinzer, Ray Cook, Tommy Bailey
B-Main #1 Line-Up (10 laps/top 2 transfer)
Row 1: Devin Gilpin – Connor Meade
Row 2: Greg Johnson – Brian Smith
Row 3: Steve Smith – Jeff Neubert
Row 4: Kenny Cobble – Kayne Hickman
Row 5: Daniel Dial
B-Main #2 Line-Up (10 laps/top 2 transfer)
Row 1: Vic Hill – Justin Rattliff
Row 2: Joey Standridge – Brandon Kinzer
Row 3: Ernie Cordier – Ray Cook
Row 4: Skylar Marlar – Tommy Bailey
Row 5: Jason Jameson
27th Annual Fall Classic Partial Staring Line-Up
Row 1: Mike Marlar – Eddie Carrier, Jr.
Row 2: Cody Mahoney – Zack Dohm
Row 3: Donald McIntosh – Tripp Gerrald
Row 4: Jared Hawkins – Victor Lee
Row 5: Todd Coffman – Tim Dohm
Row 6: Michael Chilton – David Payne
Row 7: Dale McDowell – Brandon Overton
Row 8: Steve Francis – Adam Bowman
Row 9: B-Main #1 first place – B-Main #2 first place
Row 10: B-Main #2 second place – B-Main #2 second place
Row 11: Series Provisional – Series Provisional

Brucebilt Performance Iron-Man Modified Series (13 entries)
Top Qualifier- Tommy Bailey 14.942
1st Heat- Shon Flanary, J.T. Ayers, Josh Thomas, Tommy Bailey, Cy Cundiff, Chris Kirk, Wayne Helton
2nd Heat- Jimmy Payne, Jimmy Lennex, Mike Pratt, Dennis Roberson, Jamey Neat, Tim Patrick
Feature Line-Up
Row 1: Shon Flanary – Jimmy Payne
Row 2: J.T. Ayers- Jimmy Lennex
Row 3: Josh Thomas – Mike Pratt
Row 4: Tommy Bailey – Dennis Roberson
Row 5: Cy Cundiff – Jamey Neat
Row 6: Chris Kirk – Tim Patrick
Row 7: Wayne Helton

Pro (Crate) Late Models (25 entries)
Top Qualifier- Connor Meade 13.467 (new track record)
1st Heat- Connor Meade, Eric Centers, Tim Tungate, Derek Bottoms, Dustin Bradshaw, Bubba Gibson, Steven Eversole, Josh Hampton, Trey Settles
2nd Heat- Jim Couch, Gary Yeager, Jordan Horton, Grant Pearl, Lane Meredith, Jeremy Strunk, Brian Wooldridge, Cody Sasher
3rd Heat- Todd Coffman, Wesley Brummett, Jeff Watson, Zane Powell, Elliott Despain, Brandon Hardgrove, Timmy Taylor, Curt Bennett
Feature Line-Up
Row 1: Connor Meade – Jim Couch
Row 2: Todd Coffman – Eric Centers
Row 3: Gary Yeager – Wesley Brummett
Row 4: Tim Tungate – Jordan Horton
Row 5: Jeff Watson – Derek Bottoms
Row 6: Grant Pearl – Zane Powell
Row 7: Dustin Bradshaw – Lane Meredith
Row 8: Elliott Despain – Bubba Gibson
Row 9: Jeremy Strunk – Brandon Hardgrove
Row 10: Steven Eversole – Brian Wooldridge
Row 11: Timmy Taylor – Josh Hampton
Row 12: Cody Sasher – Curt Bennett
Row 13: Trey Settles

KDRA Super Stocks (16 entries)
Top Qualifier- Robby Perkins
1st Heat- Robby Perkins, Bartley Grant, Tyler Collis, Bryson Patton, Edwin Bentley, Randy Jones, Corey Lewis (Robert Stanton)
2nd Heat- James Crowe, Eddie Stewart, Gary Rahe, Jr., Terry Cheeks, Matthew King, Jason West, Sarah Patrick (DNS-Greg Hensley)
Bobby Carrier, Sr. Memorial Feature Line-Up
Row 1: Robby Perkins – James Crowe
Row 2: Bartley Grant – Eddie Stewart
Row 3: Tyler Collis – Gary Rahe, Jr.
Row 4: Bryson Patton – Terry Cheeks
Row 5: Edwin Bentley – Matthew King
Row 6: Randy Jones – Jason West
Row 7: Corey Lewis – Sarah Patrick
Row 8: Robert Stanton – Greg Hensley

Stock Four Cylinders (20 entries)
1st Heat- Tyler Hayes, Eddie Stewart, Mike Wallace, Eric Morrison, Allen Huebert, Charles Burton, Brady Lear, Gunner Johnson, Keith Gipson, Jesse Morris
2nd Heat- Dylan Stevens, Brandon Creech, Henry Lawson, Shane Irvin, Danny Winchester, Tony Breeden, Chris Noe, Wayne Helton, Dave Blasingim (DNS-Bill Robinson)
Feature Line-Up
Row 1: Tyler Hayes – Dylan Stevens
Row 2: Eddie Stewart – Brandon Creech
Row 3: Mike Wallace – Henry Lawson
Row 4: Eric Morrison – Shane Irvin
Row 5: Allen Huebert – Danny Winchester
Row 6: Charles Burton – Tony Breeden
Row 7: Brady Lear – Chris Noe
Row 8: Gunner Johnson – Wayne Helton
Row 9: Keith Gipson – Dave Blasingim
Row 10: Jesse Morris – Bill Robinson

Mini-Cup/Cyclones (5 entries)
Heat- Blake Brown, Jeremy Elliott, Dylan Rutherford, Jason Hinkle, Jason Hinkle, Jr.
Feature Line-Up
Row 1: Blake Brown – Jeremy Elliott
Row 2: Dylan Rutherford – Jason Hinkle
Row 3: Jason Hinkle, Jr.