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    what are you guys running for spring front and rear on your pinto. my girlfriends car has 500lf 550rf and stock springs in the rear with one leaf missing. the car just doesn't look balanced. the springs up front are 5x9 big car springs. I see in speedway they go up to 450 and that's it. the car seems to still roll too much on the right front. just looking for some suggestions. thank you

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    Get you 2 Granada front springs and cut them off at 10 1/2 inches. For rear springs. Go to your local spring shop and let them make you a 2 leaf spring using brass bushings in the mains and .401 steel, keep the 2nd leaf all the way under the front spring eye and 4" shorter than the rear. Get 3 5x5 pads on top and make sure when they arch them to leave them flat on the front all the way from the rear of the rear end plate to the front spring eye and put the arch at 5 1/2 inches toward the rear.

    Use a standard length spring shackle. You will be good to go.


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