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Thread: Tire Mud Plugs

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    Question Tire Mud Plugs

    What kind of effects do foam mud plugs have on tire temps? When do you use/ not use them? Pros/cons? With cover/without? New to dirt late model and running a Rocket black front on American racers. Help would be much appreciated..

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    Hold heat in tires. Our theory was use on hard tire to keep heat in them if fear several yellows

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    Thanks for the reply! Would you use all the way around or just right side or rear?

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    When it's cold out, I'll use them (mud plugs) on the right side and left rear for the heat reason stated above. I always run covers on the right side, even with the mud plugs because if you have a big cushion and hit it just right you can push a mud plug in (sort of contrary to their name).

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    Makes sense, thanks!

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