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    Is the beehive springs GM stock Spring or is it an aftermarket part?

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    Yes on they are newer 604's and can be added to the older ones with a conversion kit. Brad or someone with more knowledge than myself will chime in with more details.

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    Reseason i was wondering was because alot of rule will say GM Stock valve springs, then it will go on to say any crate sanctioning seals, so i didnt know if that was a stock part or aftermarket.

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    The bee hive spring used by GM on the 604 is a "stock" GM component
    It is specific just like all the other parts of the engine
    If you have the old style springs ---it is permitted to convert to the bee hive spring however ALL of the spring components MUST be changed to remain legal and to prevent failure
    NONE of the old style components will work with the bee hive spring
    conversion part # is 19300952 and has all the new components in the kit
    SPECIAL NOTE:---if you have old style rocker arms you will need to change the intake rockers to the new style
    check this link from our FAQ page on the race 1 website for more detailed information

    hope some of that helps


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