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    Default Leaf spring ride heights

    Iím about to start a customer build for a Camaro clip car. Converting it to leaf spring rear from 4link,as well as going from 105 to stock wheelbase. I have never dealt with a leaf spring car before. What are common rear frame heights (ride heights) for this type build? Any other tips and info would be appreciated.I donít know how similar to the coil stuff these cars can be. I will basically be redesigning the whole rear suspension. Thanks in advance. PMs welcome too

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    No matter what suspension used, front and rear ride heights have to work together.

    Standard is to make front inner and outer lower pivots even. Then set chassis rake.

    Leaf springs are sensitive to thrust angles and lowering block heights. Balance those with proper dynamic wheel loads, competitive with most any stock style suspension.

    Afco has some basic recommendations.

    Search 'fastboys setup" on this site for something completely different in the leaf spring world.
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    As stated above on front inner and outer pivot points first. Take a measurement from the center of the front inner lower control arm bolt. Set the center of the front leaf spring eye bolt 1 inch higher than this. On a stock frame camaro this will look like 2 inches of rake when measuring frame points but the way the frame is on a camaro its useless to try to use frame points. This is the best way and helps reduce confusion when using aftermarket rear brackets. Use the landrum sheet on there website to set the rear point. It is correct. Stay away from fast boy on 3000 cars with multileafs. Can it work...yes. will it on someboby just switching a car over to leafs? Oh god no. Will have you chasing your tail, breaking stuff, and running over people for a whole season.... not worth the grief for one hoped for glory moment that rarely happens.

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    Good info shaw & Duke, I'm currently trying to help 2 guys convert to leafs like our very successful one and sometimes it's like talking to my cat. Both are 3 links now, one a good car, the other a bent one. And yes, Duke,success with a first timer doing it is unlikely.
    My cars have been leafers for over 50 years and like to think I've got them figured out. The reverse would be true if I were to try and do a 4 link and I'd probably be dead before it was sorted out. Stick with what you know is also my advice.


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