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    Running a 3200lb metric car on a 3/8's moderate to high banked dirt oval. I last ran RF 1100lb LF 950lb RR 250lb and LR 225lb. I have different spring rates to try. Shocks were RF 6 valve LF 5 valve RR 4 valve and LR 5/3 valve. I also have a few different shocks to play with. Car is set up for all 9" shocks, currently have oil shocks. Thinking of running Bilstein gas shocks.Thoughts??

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    With all of the knowledge here, still no suggestions???

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    search my name see if enough of my posts are still visible to help you.

    I assume your racing and not talking about a dump truck, but your front spring rates seem like a dump truck

    If you want to start conservative

    900 800
    275 250

    5050 8040 80 rebound 60 compression
    3030 3030

    8040 rf would be a adj for drier track you could put this on the LF on a really really heavy track to free the car up a little also

    I NEVER ran splits on the rear in the last 5 years I ran a stock car which are when I won most of my races.
    My ignore list... copy pasted. Which means if your on here I DONT see your posts.

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