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    run in Florida so have Hoosier ump tires we run. Going to run some USMTS races next year and I see the AMerican Racer G60-15 KK704 tire is being required. They show short, tall and x-tall ok. what is the circumference difference on these three sizes and what is the most used size and what air pressure and any other hints on using these tires would be a help. Thanks in advance.

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    A big ish...Most guys I know(a handful) are on the tall with a short LR. Pressures around 8-10psi on the lefts and 12-15 on the rights.

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    We ran X-tall on the RR and Tall on LR. Like he noted the sizes vary so much you can get a tall that's as big as a x-tall. We didn't run near as much stagger as lizard is talking but we were probably the exception


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