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    Default msd soft touch rev limiters

    I need to add a rev limiter this year. I have been asking around locally if the digital or chipped one is better than the other. What is your opinion ? I also have to use a stock appearing hei distributor.

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    digital is far better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oilman View Post
    digital is far better.
    Without a doubt!

    Chip style box with 6200 rpm chip.... hitting the chip HARD and tach recalls around 61-6150.
    Digital style box set at 6200 rpm... softly hitting the chip and tach recalls 6250-6300, box says 6199.

    Digital is not as hard on valve springs, and its a much softer rpm limit.

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    Thanks that is what I was wondering. Nobody local could or would tell me the difference.


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