Seem to be on the Rev Limiter earlier than your competition?

If you’re racing an MSDŽIgnition 6al, 6aln,6631,6632,7al2 with an on board rev limiter or a MSDŽIgnition 8738 or MSDŽIgnition 8728 standalone soft touch rev limiter. You’re giving up at least 175 rpm while leaning on the limiter. And if you typically run in a field that is easily covered by hundredths of a second or less then you want to get that rev limiter blue printed to get access to ALL the allowable rpm by the One percent rule. To achieve the results needed, adjustments to the Rev Limiter circuit can be performed to get it into the very top end of the allowed One percent margin mandated by many sanctioning bodies. If your driver likes to lean on the Rev limiter during the race, it will allow them to get back an avg. of 200 useable rpm. It also raises the starting point of when the Rev Limiter circuit starts to kick in; most racers don’t realize that the Rev Limiter circuit starts in 175 rpm lower than the RPM marked on the Rev chip. So as a racer you’re giving up a lot of top end usable engine rpm during a race due to tolerances being too loose. If you’re running a class that is very tight, you need to give the rev limiter the winning treatment. The total cost for the Blueprinting is $150.00.