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    What is the best way to sipe tires front and rear? Heard straight across on the rear tires and diagonally on the fronts just wondering if this is right or if there is a better method.

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    Sipping is a little different than grooving. Hooiser's website has a tech section dedicated to sipping and grooving.

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    I only siped in circumference and let my screw grinder do the cross sipes much more shallow and after each time on the track.

    My thought was the faster you go around the corners (4 corners and 2 straights) the faster you will be and that is SIDE bite which would be circumference sipes... not to mention the faster you are in the corner the less you are re accelerate on the straights etc.

    It worked well for me on IMCA tires, if I siped both ways they would chunk and feel loose since I ran new tires almost every night.


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