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    Default S10 truck chassis to build a street stock...

    Since a S10 is nothing more than a Metric front with leaf springs in the rear I've always wondered if anyone has ever though about building a car (not a truck) out of one...

    It's just something I've been thinking about doing since a S10 is already spring under in rear...

    Would it work, or has it been tried...?
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    Isn't the frame narrower on s10 then car? We have truck division up here and s10 seems narrow so maybe just optical illusion

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    4" narrower. we run one still as a truck with a v8 against cars here in Oklahoma. very fast. and yes everything on the front is same as metric car except the center link.

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    put 68-72 nova lower a arms on it and it will help widen out suspension
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    You can also run the GM2 spindles that will widen it out some too. also will help get your arm angles your to something more appropriate.Tweak the idler arm some for bump fudge a few mounting holes there and to get some LF camber you need to make sure you “repair” a wallowed out bolt hole and weld a repair washer on the lower control arm mounting point lol


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