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    Question How many races do you get out of a Hoosier Tire?

    I've gumballed a D in one race, but generally, how many races can you get out of a set of 4 Hoosiers properly compounded on a bomber?

    How do you know when they are shot? If they still measure durometer soft?

    Just not sure when I should be looking to buy new tires.

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    I'm on AR's but for my thoughts is when tread halfway gone and edges can no longer be had. They then become spares to the new rubber. Car is on low budget racing but there's still no equivalent for new rubber

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    When I ran Bombers we only had A,D, RC4, and H compounds to choose from. LF D40 last 8 or 10 nignts LR D40 Last about 4 or 5 nights RF A40 Last about 7 of 8 nights RR A40 Usually no more than 2 nights depending on track conditions many times I only ran RR 1 time and would sell it at a discounted price. There is no substitution for fresh rubber.


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