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    Since the Oil Filter post was a hit..... what kind of Oil is everyone running in their crate motors?Renegade, Schaffers, Mobil 1, Klotz.... Pros & Cons

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    i think there all good with today's technology , we ran delo 400 diesel oil for years in all our flat tappet engines for the zinc and Kendall in our dry sumps because it seemed to aerate less , now we run shaffers in every thing...i should mention that the local schaffer rep is a good friend and helps us out......

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    Lots of great oils these days. Most all of them will give you all the protection you need, but some of them do make more HP. In a crate class thats just free HP. I use the chassis dyno 2-3 times a season and were always testing stuff, Oil included. I have yet to find anything that makes more power then Driven oil.
    I us XP3 and XP1 in my 602. Start the season off with 6qts of XP3 (never run 8 qts, free hp there too) for the heavy spring tracks and then start switching to xp1 in the heat of the summer when the tracks are dry slick.
    Ive posted this before, but my oil routine is change the oil filter every 3 night and dont do a complete oil change all season. This gets me a new filter and 1 qt of oil every 3 nights. Keeps the oil very clean and works great. Ive been doing this same routine for about 8 years now.

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    I like Motorcraft 10w30. It is high in zddp, and readily available at any Wally World.


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