spark at each plug
NEW plugs, the correct ones.
battery is good
NEW Starter, thought maybe it was drawing amps
turns over ok, but not fast like it should
with the plugs out it turns over very easy by hand at the crank with a standard ratchet.
plenty of fuel

I have two grounds to the motor, one is a standard negative battery cable bolted directly to the block from the battery..
the second is a flat standard body grounding strap, connected from the fire wall to the block at the bell housing on the block side.

many standard ground wired properly attached to the various parts to the body.

when it rolls over, the strap and a secondary wire small gauge at the battery get VERY VERY HOT.
It will not fire, pop or even sound like the fuel is igniting. MSD box, and coil, I've grabbed onto the dist shaft and tryed to spin it to see if it would move out of time... it will not.

car was running and when i went to start it it kicked a couple of times and then no fire.

any help greatly appreciated