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    Default Looking for some help IMCA Metric car

    Car is pretty good when there is moisture in the track. But junk when it slicks off. LF 1000 RF 1100LR 200 RR 175. 150lbs of bite. 53% rear. Offsets are 3's on the left side. 2" on the RF with a 1" spacer. 4 on the RR. Front stagger 2.5" rear 1". Just never feels like it's in the track. Any ideas

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    Swap front springs. And maybe take front stagger down to 1. Take bite up to 180

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    900 800
    275 250

    150 bite
    no lead behind the rear axle
    start with all your lead in one big pile about shoulder height, not spread around. the weight cant transfer if its spread all over

    Imca doesnt allow more offset than 2 inch so lose the 2 inch rf spacer, use it to adj on the lr with a 3 wheel or leave it off.


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