I have a complete 10-degree standard bore top end for sale. Heads were bought from Vic Hill. Last Freshened at Henry Race Engines. Asking $4300 o.b.o. Call or text 8l4-59l-5755 or 8l4-952-90l4 for more pictures.Here is a list of parts that go with the sale:10-degree dart cast aluminum heads. Billet Aluminum valve covers with spring oiling system and Peterson pop off valve. Intake Valves - 2.200 x 5.540 x .311 x 52˚ Coated Titanium with Barrell Locks. Exhaust Valves - 1.600 x 5.540 x .311 x 50˚ Not Coated Titanium with Barrell Locks. Jessel Rocker System 10 laps since freshened by Jessel. Intake Ratio 1.75. Exhaust Ratio 1.60. Crower .842 Roller Lifter 10 laps since brand new. 50 mm Comp Cam. Intake Lift - .756. Exhaust Lift - .724. Intake Grind 4183BE. Exhaust Grind 2231BE. Push Rods 7/16 x .165 x 8.750. PSI #1579 Valve Springs. Stepped Head Studs & Nuts.