We are an organization out of Virginia called The PTSD Project. We help individuals that have suffered trama find treatment and counseling for PTSD. The one thing several of our members have in common is the love for Motorsports and specifically dirt track racing. We have decided to build a race car together as a therapeutic project. We are building a sportsman type car. Full tube chassis, perimeter style. Coil over, three link set up with wife five hubs. Basically all we have now is a chassis, rear end and some misc. small parts. We are looking for people in the racing brother and sisterhood that may have parts laying around that they would possibly be willing to donate to this group of young men and women. We don't need everything new, we just want the car to be built and completed together. We may race the car next year or raffle the car off for more Motorsports projects to help our cause. We are going to need everything from master cylinders, single piston calipers, shocks such as straight valve type coil over shocks (afco, Carrera, qa1) etc. Gauges, belts, a seat etc. If you are a company, we will be happy to add your company name to the car once it's lettered. Message me with any questions. We are very excited to work on this project and see it come to fruition. Thank you for your consideration.