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    Default Header glowing RED

    I have a right side header glowing. Last week we got turned over. Got all cosmetic stuff fixed and then this week car has a sputter at low rpm and at full throttle racing right side header is cherry red? Any ideas of where to start?

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    Did you take the carb apart and clean it after roll over? If it's a Holley, they hate dirt being in them and most models have air ports on the top that feed each respective port at low RPM. So, it would make some sense dirt in the carb could be the issue with only one side hot as something on that side of the carb may have gunk in it.

    Timing being retarded has been known to cause this too, but more likely both sides would be red.

    Just my $0.02 as easy/cheap places to start.
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    Thanks. The carb is rochester 2bbl. I will clean it to see.

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    Went to take carb off. No fuel came out of the line. Wouldn't it supposed to have gas in the line or could I have a weak fuel pump?

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    I was thinking something may be in the feed line or the check ball in the cell was hung up and not letting air back into the cell though having only one header hot lead me to the carb.

    For no fuel out of line when taking carb off, it depends on how long the car sat before taking the line off, but yeah, I can see this being a concern.

    To test the pump for free, take a coffee can or some other container and stick the outlet (carb feed line) into that. Roll the motor over and see how much fuel comes out in about 5 secs of pumping fuel into the container. If very little, pump likely is bad or line blocked. If you get a bit, pump is probably ok and line clear, but still check the breather side check ball in the cell to ensure air is able to get into it to displace the fuel coming out of it. You did roll it

    The above is clearly not the correct way to test a pump so "how much is enough fuel" in the container is an educated guess, but it's another free and easy way to start!
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